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The Young Italian Tenor–

Before I even start to sing, or play I ask myself: What is this piece, what mean these words? Where are the next seconds going to lead me? Lead us? And then I start to feel the truth in my body, my soul. Sound is everything. Music is everything. It´s a dust of divinity and the Voice a veil on it. The sound will set us free. The music will make us whole. The Voice will bring us to another place. Let us go there together...  Creating something new yet timeless is my mission. I give nods to more classic shapes and silhouettes, but apply a certain neo-futurist element to everything I sing. Above all, my artform is about love. This is music for the people of romance. 

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Julian Dionne is a Classical Singer, Producer and Songwriter. He sings the lead tenor roles of the worlds most famous Operas and is active as a concert artist in Europe and the US. Julian looks for new frames in his performances and finds new languages for Classical Music and Pop.

He is also an acclaimed Actor and Model, working with many internationally renowned Theater and Movie Directors. 
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Julian Dionne, eleganza e raffinatezza unite in una voce e una capacità interpretativa rara e di grande fascino" (Julian Dionne, elegance and raffinesse united in one voice and an ability of interpretation of rare and great fascination)

 – Ivano Scavino, Artistic Director Apm FOundation, Torino


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